Friday, January 25, 2008


よし!!きょうはI-fairです。たのしいですね。日本のcultural boothをみたいね。いちごだいふくをたべたい。

きのうともだちをはなしました。よかったでね。それから、コンピューターをつかいました。ぼくはクロノ・クロス(Chrono Cross)とMGS3: Snake Eaterをかいました。すごいテレビゲームです。

Wednesday, January 16, 2008






Sirenum Scopuli

I woke in a dream,
Of fields filled with golden grass,
and songs in the wind.

From the distant valleys came the sound,
that called like sirens from the shore,
the glades flowed in the breeze,
and I waded through the golden sea.

I felt myself washed away,
In the currents that pulled my skin,
Like the secret lover,
stealing a moment under the willow tree,

Holding naturally,
but the touch is so soft,
We float away,
like the white love of the dandelions,
A fragile moment fleeting in the wind.
A life soaring into motion,
But only realised after it has fallen.

We do not fear the currents of existence,
But our passion burns and drowns in it,
How do the stars stay lit in the sea of dark dreams?
Sparkling like the light house,
Which warns of the call from the valleys.

Thursday, January 10, 2008



Wednesday, January 9, 2008



Friday, January 4, 2008

Saisho no post

Hi Hi Kishounen desu yo.
blog があります。
Blogs are pretty cool, this is such a nice project. I hope I can keep up with this.


By the way, for those unaware....Kishounen is a pun on shounen, and even bishounen.
Ever since i decided to change the katakana of my name to sound more phonetically correct
i.e. Kishan is pronounced Kishun.... therefore キシュン, this seems similar enough to キション (Kishon) and kishoun in japanese is simply emphasizing the "o"....then add "en"
ok it's a bit of a stretch but it still sounds remarkably similar (そうだね)
kishun -> kishoun -> kishounen -> bishounen
(bishounen means beautiful boy for those who don't is not gay if it's an anime reference ok? *raspberry*)